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July 7, 2001 in Los Angeles, CA

Olympic Auditorium drawing 1,100


1.   Nosawa & Kikuzawa drew Damien 666 & Halloween when a member from each team was pinned simultaneously.

2.   Johnny Webb pinned Steve Rizzono.

3.   Lady Victoria beat Angel in a “West Hollywood street fight” match.

4.   Lizzy Borden NC Major Gunns.

5.   Sandman pinned Vic Grimes.

6.   New Jack beat John Kronus and Homeless Jimmy via pinfall in a “three-way” match.

7.   Kid Kaos NC Supreme in a “barbed wire, bed of nails, light tubes, thumbtacks death” match.  Supreme was severely burned during this match.

8.   XPW Champ Messiah beat Vampiro and Sabu in a “three-way” match when he pinned Sabu.  This was original a singles match, but Sabu showed up after several minutes.

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