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Merry F’N X-Mas 1999: Night 2

Merry F’N X-Mas 1999: Night 2

December 18, 1999 in Hollywood, CA

The Palace drawing 440


1.   Carlito Montana pinned Messiah.

2.   Michael Modest pinned Donovan Morgan.

3.   Cybil pinned Phenomenal Phil.

4.   Jake Lawless pinned Kid Kaos.

5.   Johnny Webb pinned Homeless Jimmy.

6.   Supreme pinned John Kronus.

7.   The Public Enemy NC The Westside NGZ NC The Pitbulls in a “three-way” match.  This match started as a normal tag match, but The Pitbulls appeared after several minutes.

8.   Big Dick Dudley pinned Damien Steele to win the XPW Title.

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