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February 23, 2002 in Los Angeles, CA

Olympic Auditorium drawing 1,500


1.   Vinny Massaro pinned Scott Snott.

2.   Psicosis pinned Evan Karagias.

3.   Dynamite D pinned Pogo the Clown.

4.   XPW TV Champ Kaos won a “gauntlet” match.  Kaos pinned Angel.  Kaos pinned Chris Hamrick.  Kaos pinned Nosawa.

5.   Juventud Guerrera pinned Mosco de la Merced.

6.   Lizzy Borden beat Veronica Caine in a “buck naked” match.

7.   An unknown wrestler in a monkey suit pinned beat Steve Rizzono.

8.   XPW Champ Johnny Webb pinned GQ Money.

9.   Sandman pinned Supreme to win the XPW King of the Death Match Title.

10.  New Jack beat Vic Grimes in a “scaffold” match.

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